Partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies, hot and humid with chance of shower or thunderstorms during the middle of the day into the evening and showers maybe brief with heavy rain, gusty winds & lightning. How many times have we heard that this summer?  A lot!  And I am beginning to feel like Charlotte is becoming the new Seattle without the ocean!  A client of mine said this weather is like Charleston, SC in the summer.  Again I comment: without the ocean!
Honestly, we don’t need the ocean!  Charlotte is still a wonderful & beautiful place to live year around, we are just having a little extra (unwanted) rain this season.  And I believe it is better to have a little extra rain, then be in a drought like we were a few years back. No matter, because we cannot control the weather, just our attitudes & how we decide to live each day!
When was the last time you took a walk in the rain (not thunderstorm) shower? You might be surprised… Find the kid in yourself.  And then feel the extra JOY when the sun does come out!  Like Sunday, Monday & Tuesday this (July 14-16) week!  Charlotte is a great city to live!  And find the positives each day!   AND Share them!   Share selling & living in Charlotte, the sunny (normally) Carolina’s!

I want to help you find your way home.  Live here in the Charlotte metro area!